App Update

App update, 1.1.1

New Feature

Quick Search. Quick Search capability has been introduced. It is now possible to instantly search according to the following properties:

  • Aircraft Type
  • Flight Numbers
  • Aircraft Tail
  • Airports
  • Crew
  • Remarks

Here are some use cases:

  1.  You are flying with a Co-pilot, and wondering when did you last flew with him/her 
  2. You wrote “Base Check” into remarks for your Base Checks. A quick entry into Quick Search would easily allow you to find them all. This works if you wrote “Line Check” into remarks as well.  
  3. You are flying aircraft registration 9VONG, and wondering when did you last flew this aircraft. 
  4. You are flying to VHHH, and wondering when was your last VHHH flight.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where dismiss button for subscription modal in the logbook page didn’t work for some devices.
  • Small change in Apple In App Purchase implementation.

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