Application to the Beta programme is now closed.

About the Beta

Thank you for your interest to be part of this Beta!

Before I start

Before I proceed with details of the beta, I’ll like to reiterate that the beta you are about to join is a very early Beta (almost Alpha) version of Simply Log, which means the app is likely going to crash as you go about using it. It also means that you MUST not use Simply Log as your primary logbook. Yes, eventually you can, but not just yet. Data loss is not only possible, it is also likely. This can happen between crashes and between Beta updates. As we go through this Beta testing process, as I receive feedback, I might trigger a database reset between each update. So, please don’t risk your data by using Simply Log as your only logbook during this beta.

So here’s about the Beta

We plan to use this Beta testing process to solicit feedback. The objectives of Simply Log is as follows.

Simply Log is an light weight alternative to LTP, featuring all of its most commonly used features, while shedding all those excess features that we pay for but never use.

I can promise to build everything that LTP has, but it would be a multi year and multi headcount project, and I’ll become just another LTP. But that’s not the point. I plan to build features that 90+% of Simply Log’s users would use.

So, the time has come. Please let me know what’s critical and missing in the current Beta. Please let me know anything that you hate and/or love about the app.

All feedback is welcomed! Your feedback would shape the roadmap for Simply Log’s development!


For those unfamiliar with Beta testing on your iOS devices, we’ll be using Testflight to distribute Beta software.

Testflight is Apple’s inbuilt solution for software developers to manage Beta testing. With Testflight, you can send feedback directly by taking screenshots. You can also allow Testflight to send crash reports to me. I encourage you to fully utilise Testflight to send feedback to me!

You can read more about Testflight here.


Whenever the App crashes, Testflight would send me the crash report. Please allow Testflight to send me those reports. The more crashes that happen during Beta, the less crashes would happen once the App goes public. So all crashes are good!

You wouldn’t need to worry about crashes killing your iPhone. The way iOS is developed is that Apps work in Silos. If Simply Log crashes, its only Simply Log. What happens in Simply Log, stays in Simply Log.