User settings can be managed by the user at anytime.

  • During a user’s first launch, the on-boarding process would assist the user in defining these defaults.
  • After the first launch, you can make changes to these settings by going to the “More” tab, and selecting “Settings”

These settings are used to help reduce the number of keystrokes needed for you to log a flight. Here are the settings and what they are used for.

  • Do you normally operate as PIC? – This setting is used by the app to automatically assign flight hours to either PIC or PICUS/SIC when the “Calculate and fill hours” button is used. Read more about Flight Times.
  • Logbook Name – This Logbook name is used to pre-fill your name in the respective crew field when adding flights. Simply Log is smart enough to either pre-fill the Captain’s name or Co-pilot’s name, based on your Do you normally operate as PIC settings. Flights that are imported from Crew Connect and individually added flights from the home page would inherit this Logbook Name. Flights imported from LogTen Pro would not be affected by this.
  • Default Aircraft Type – Similar to Logbook Name, Simply Log would pre-fill the Aircraft Type when importing from Crew Connect and individually added flights.
  • In to Sign-off in Minutes – Simply Log uses this information to automatically calculate your sign off time, based on the arrival time. Read about Duty Times.