As you go about with data entry, Simply Log would intelligently make suggestions. These suggestions are displayed as buttons above the text field.

If you want to accept any of the suggestions, simply tap on it.

Suggestions is available for the following fields.

  • Flight Number
  • Aircraft Type
  • Aircraft Tail
  • Departure Airport
  • Arrival Airport
  • Captain
  • Co-pilot

For all the above fields, suggestions would look back at your historical logbook’s history. This means that if your logbook is empty, you wouldn’t see any suggestions. Once you have a few lines (or imported from your previous digital logbook), suggestions would starts to grow.

For the Departure and Arrival airport fields, Suggestions would also look within the app’s airports database and make suggestions. This means that you will see suggestions for Departure and Arrival airport even if you have an empty logbook.

Example of suggestions for the Departure airport field.